May 5, 2014


Insurance Requirements for Bookstore Owners

Getting the right insurance coverage or policy for your business is very essential in ensuring that you are covered against any untoward incidents that may arise which could potentially cause financial obligations for you and your business. this is not only important because it is required by the government; this is also because with the right insurance, you as the business owner can have the peace of mind that someone will be there for you in times of financial difficulties brought about by events related to third party claims.

If you are a bookstore owner, there are a number of insurance coverage worth checking out for your business. These insurance policies are as follows:

Liability insurance

It is best to have a bundle or a comprehensive general liability policy that basically covers third parties. The most important components of this bundle are personal and advertising injury, fire legal liability, products and completed operations, medical expenses or payments, general liability, and damage control plans.

Some of these may not necessarily be included depending on the policy provider. It is best to have the insurance company explain thoroughly the components to you.

Business Property Insurance

This is important for any business to have this coverage as it insures all properties of the business like buildings, tables, desks, chairs and other equipment in the event that your business is subjected to hazards like earthquake and flood that could temporarily close down the business.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Since your business is a bookstore, it is only normal that you have employees. This insurance policy is mandatory for all business with employees. Basically, it provides coverage for your employees in the event that they sustained work-related injuries and illnesses. This means that this insurance policy will provide for wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment. This is in exchange for relinquishing his right to sue his or her negligence.

These are just some policies that are perfect fit for a bookstore business. It is still advised to contact an insurance broker who would be able to assess your business and provide advises as to which particular insurance can work to your advantage.

When deciding what insurance coverage to take, it is also best to consider the reputation of the insurance company. Be sure that it is financially stable and has a very good track record in terms of honouring claims.

May 5, 2014


10 of the Best Selling Finance Book of All Time

Wealth building, struggling against becoming broke and a lot of other financial issues have plagued people for so long. Over time, a lot of books about personal finance have been written to help people in this struggle.

Here are top 10 finance book of all time. Let us begin from the top 10 and work our way up.

  1. The Richest Man in Babylon. This book by George Clason gives emphasis to saving money over spending them. The author also said that charitable giving is as important as saving money.
  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Robert Kiyosaki states that while a salary from a job is a good way to start, the best investment anyone can have, both in time and money, is in purchasing properties or engaging in business.
  1. The Magic of Thinking Big. David Schwartz’s idea dwells in optimism and self-confidence. He believes that people can only succeed if they have this attributes that fuels them, to strive more and succeed despite worst failures.
  1. Smart Money, Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win Money. This book reminds parents that nobody is born knowing how to save money. It is therefore their responsibility to instil these values to their children.
  1. The Science of Getting Rich. Author Wallace Wattle stresses that your ability to build wealth is reliant on to your mind set. If you believe in yourself that money is the root of all evil, you will never be wealthy.
  1. Get Rich Carefully. This book by Jim Cramer provides fun laughter while imparting timeless wisdom on seeking the simplest, least risky yet very successful methods toward wealth building.
  1. Total Money Makeover. This book by Dave Ramsay emphasizes accumulating wealth through avoidance from credit cards, paying cash for everything possible, getting out of debt and building an emergency fund.
  1. The Compound Effect. In this book, Darren Hardy stresses that our decisions, no matter how small or insignificant, have compound effect on every other part of our lives. The focus of this book is to help readers make sound decisions.
  1. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. T. Harv Eker stipulates that our mind-sets dictate our status in life. If we think we are poor, then we become poor and if we think we are rich then we can be rich.

10. Think and Grow Rich. This book by Napoleon Hill is a bestseller about self-development that encourages readers the notion that “greed is good” – that is of course if you are willing to share it.

May 5, 2014


Kindle Books Overview

The emergence of electronic book reader like Kindle brought drastic change in the way or manner books are being published and released to the public. Today, downloadable electronic books or eBooks are readily available for consumers. This change has profound effects not only to publishers but to all involved in the book industry.

The Authors

To the authors, this shift brought about opportunities to publish their works easily. That is because writers can go directly to eBook stores and publish their book without going through publishers and agents. As a result, a lot of good books that never would have been published through traditional means can now be released. The downside though is that bad books can also enjoy of this easy means of publishing.

The Publishers

Because of the emergence of eBooks and online bookstores, publishers are being pressured to increase the percentage of book sales that go to the author. Also, the option of authors to self-publish lessened the grip of publishers to authors. In fact, online eBook stores are offering authors and publishers 70% of the proceeds from sales. That is a far cry from the 15% authors are receiving as royalty in the traditional book selling set up.

The Booksellers

Traditional book sellers suffered greatly with the arrival of eBooks. EBooks made way to online book selling that greatly diminished the need for traditional bookstores. In fact, a lot of publishers have closed down their own bookstores in a lot of places all over the United States. Actually, the closure of bookstores is only partly due to the eBooks. Another reason for this event is the rampant online selling of hardbound books. Because of online sellers, both for eBooks and hardbound books, the traditional bookstores are now given very little attention by the public.

The Readers

If there is anyone in the book industry that greatly benefitted from the shift from hardbound books to eBooks, it would have to be the consumers or the readers. For one, eBooks are readily downloadable to gadgets like Kindle which means that readers need not go anywhere since the book is just at the tips of his fingers. Secondly, the coming of eBooks brought about the opening of many second hand or used books store. Today, used hardbound and soft bound books are openly sold at cheap prices so that buyers can afford them easily. The selling of used books is actually partly attributed to electronic devices like Kindle. Book owners are now transitioning to eBooks since these are easily stored and needs almost zero maintenance as compared to hardbound ones.

July 12, 2014


Top 4 Australian Car Review Websites

Photo by Axion23

Among the best ways to research about cars, especially if you are planning to buy one, is to check out review websites as these cover the needed information for a particular group of cars and models.

Here are top 4 Australian car review websites you can consider:


This website reviews a wide range of cars covering different car brands and models. What makes this site very good to checkout is that it not only focuses on the cars themselves but it also gives special attention to the technology that each car boasts. Moreover, it reviews a series of current and state-of–the-art vehicles including Mercedes-Benz CLA250, Isuzu D-Max, 2015 Audi R8, and 2015 Opel Corsa.

It terms of interface, the website is easy to navigate. It has a very functional navigation bar. On top of that, most of the things that you would look for to gain information on the cars that you need are presented conspicuously in the home page.


This website is more of a one-stop car buying and selling site than a pure car review site. However, it does provide good reviews for various car make and models including 2015 Lexus NX, 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage, and Audi A3. It also has comparative car reviews like a comparison between Ford Falcon GT-F and HSV GTS.

The site is clean and easy to go about. The home page is dedicated to provide a way for site visitors to easily search for the cars that they want. Furthermore, the navigation bars also provides ease for visitors to check out the different offerings of the company.


Of the four sites discussed in this article, SUVScout presents the cleanest interface. The posts are classified according to News, Latest reviews, and Vehicle Rankings. This will allow the readers to easily go through the posts according to what they are looking for. The site also has a navigation bar as well as a very functional footer.

As the name of the site suggest, it caters to different Sport Utility Vehicles. It gives reviews and ranks cars like Mazda CX-5, Nissan X-Trail, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Holden Captiva. More than just car reviews, it also showcases different information relative to buying an SUV such as car insurance and financing options. Visit to find out the top 10 SUVs available in Australia now!


This site provides very good information for any car buyer. As cost is always a consideration, this site is worth checking out considering it reviews small and compact vehicles. It also gives emphasis on small cars being fuel efficient.

Although the site is clean, it does not seem to be as easy to navigate as the others. In fact, it appears to be more of a simple information-based website. However, it does have very useful information by proving a list of top cars including top 10 small cars and top 5 fuel efficient cars. These are very handy for people who are undecided as to which car to take. Visit this website now!

July 11, 2014


Super Squats Book Review

Here is a short review of the book Super Squats: How to Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks by Randall J. Strossen and in this book Strossen claims that you can get in shape by doing only squats. The good thing about this book is that Strossen provides readers with an exercise technique that doesn't involve heavy exercise equipment or complicated exercise steps and this helps those who are new to fitness training or who haven't exercised in a while. For the nerds who enjoy learning about the history of certain exercises, Stossen discusses the history and benefits of squats for weight loss. If you currently do CrossFit you're familiar with some of the squats mentioned in the book.

You'll Need To Do 20 Reps​

This is a book about squats but you won't be doing wimpy squat repetitions. With the squats mentioned in this book, Strossen advises readers to do 20 reps of squats throughout the week and he recommends that you do high intensity squats for better results and more toned muscles. Customers who purchased this book stated that these squats were the most they have done in all the times they attempted to do squats. This book also recommends heavy doses of milk consumption but the drawback to this is that milk contains fat so this defeats the purposes of the squats. Strossen also recommended that you start slow with the squats then proceed to a quicker speed.

Overview of Diet That Accompanies Squats

It's not just the squats alone that are important in building muscle mass according to the book. You'll also need to adhere to a balanced diet and here is the menu as listed in the book. For breakfast you would eat four eggs, two pieces of toast and milk with whey milk. For your middle of the day snack you can eat oatmeal and drink more milk with whey. For lunch you would eat a sandwich and fruit, and for dinner you'l have a meat dish with vegetables and potatoes.

Getting Back To Old School Exercise

The squats mentioned in this book are  not very fancy and they don't involve a ton of variations on the traditional squats. The main thing you'll find are simple but effective workouts that would work for people of different levels of experiences and ages. Those who have established exercise routines for years would be happy with these exercises because it is a way of getting back to basics in their routines without all the fluff.


If you are going to incorporate the techniques from this book into your CrossFit routine, you should buy the best CrossFit shoes for squatting and deadlifting so that your exercise routine is more efficient. While doing the squats you want to have patience because it will be a few weeks before you see results in the body. In addition to the squats, do other workouts to supplement them such as bench presses, pushups, and leg lifts.

July 7, 2014


Decorating My Reading Room With Plants

I have a reading room in my basement and it is my personal space away from the home office upstairs where my computer, printer and file cabinets are. In my reading room I have peace and quiet and I read for several hours until I get hungry or sleepy. Recently I wanted to spice up the reading room so I decided to purchase some grow lights for indoor growing and grow two to four aromatic and beautiful herb and flower plants.

I Started With The Herbs

Herbs have an amazing aroma and they're easy to plant indoors. My favorite herbs to plant indoors are chives, basil, oregano, flat leaf parsley, thyme, mint and dill. I planted three rows of these using red and blue LED grow lights from I planted them in late spring and now it's late summer, and I'm pleased with the way things turned out with my herbs. I have been plucking them periodically to use in my pasta dishes but for the most part they're in the reading room for decorative reasons.

Those Beautiful African Violets

My reading room is not very large so I researched plants that would fit well in small spaces. I read that African violets would work in small spaces. I grew a half row of the violets and they look amazing in the reading room. I was even inspired to attempt to write a children's story based on the violets after doing some reading. I used grow lights to plant the African violets and when my little girl came in the room, she started talking to them.

Now For The Calla Lilies

Since the African violets were successful, I decided to add a touch of summer to the reading room and I grew a row of Calla lilies right next to the violets and herbs. The calla lillies were planted in a few homemade cardboard containers that were at least 15 inches and then I added the soil, fertilizer and water. Once this step was completed I placed blue indoor grow lights over the calla lilies and as of now they're growing beautifully.

Growing Jasmine

I have childhood memories of my grandmother growing jasmine outdoors and when a friend told me that I can grow jasmine indoors, I purchased jasmine seeds and proceeded to grow a half row of jasmine in the reading room. I used both natural sunlight and some grow lights alternately in order for the jasmine to grow properly. I was also careful to not overwater the plants so that they will not be destroyed.


I accomplished quite a bit in planting flowers and herbs in the reading room, and now the room has a calm and relaxing atmosphere and it doesn't look too cold and empty in the room. Recently my friend came to the reading room and he was impressed with how the plants looked. I took some pictures of the plants and they're on the cover of my scrapbook.

June 30, 2014


How Color Can Effect User Interaction And Engagement On Your Website

A website is a complicated thing, and many people are trying to achieve many different things with their websites. However the most common purpose for a website is commercial.

People are attempting to sell things from a website, or if they aren’t attempting to sell things they are attempting to promote things. Or they are hosting advertisements or any other commercial activity. However the fact is that the majority of websites are attempting some form of commercial activity.

Therefore, when you build a website, you want your visitors to do something specific. You want them to buy your product. Or perhaps you want them to click an ad. Or maybe you want them to go somewhere else to buy a book or some other product. At the end of the day you want your visitors to do something specific.

It’s interesting to see how current research is showing how web design, as well as website color, has an effect on user engagement and behaviour.

In fact it’s been shown that the colors chosen for a website can have an effect on the conversion rate for that website. The conversion rate is the rate at which visitors convert to whatever it is you want them to do, whether it be click an ad, buy something or whatever.

Of course color isn’t the only factor, there are plenty of other factors which influence visitor behaviour, however color is one factor which is sometimes overlooked by web designers.

For instance different colors will match with different age groups. Different colors send different messages to visitors. Some brands will match with certain colors and not with other colors and some products will match with certain colors as well.

In fact research is showing that color is much more important than we would have expected. As is reported on 66% of people wouldn’t buy an appliance if it wasn’t in their chosen color. And 26% of Magazine readers recognize a colored advertisement more than a black and white one.

Of course that’s a magazine, however the same applies to websites, which are really just online magazines.

Certain colours produce certain emotional responses in people. You will see the image that we’ve included which shows different colors producing different emotional responses ranging from admiration to grief to loathing to rage.

So if you’re a web designer it’s important that you consider color along with all the other factors which can influence user engagement on a website. Make sure the colors match the product you are selling or the message you are making, as well as the product itself and the brand. And make sure the colors you choose match the emotional response you wish to produce from your readers.

And of course the colors should also match each other, a clash of colours is never recommended.

June 28, 2014


Online Workout Videos – Can They Attract Customers?

As someone who spent a lot of time on the Internet, I have seen a lot of workout videos that have garnered thousands of views or even perhaps millions of views at some point. As a professional who advises clients to delve into digital and internet marketing, I often found myself asking why the local fitness experts and gym trainers don’t want to tap into the whole INTERNET thing. Big brands like Nike and Reebok, two of the most prominent figures in the sports world, are already making waves online by publishing their new CrossFit and Zumba shoes on their social media sites. This begs the question: WHY AREN’T TRAINERS FOLLOWING SUIT?

Let’s go back to these workout videos and why most people think they are overrated. First off, no one wants to see a video of how a workout is done because it’s something that can be learned via a personal trainer. This is the small picture. What you don’t see is the big picture. Imagine this situation: a personal trainer like the one at exercise shoe guru showing you how to do proper Clean and Jerk for a CrossFit movement. The video spans about 5 minutes because there’s 2 minutes of explanation and 3 minutes of actual demonstrations. The video is not only capable of demonstrating the exercise, but it can also give personal trainers an avenue for promoting their gym, services, and even their products.

Let’s create another scenario, and this time, a dance studio. A personal dance instructor takes the time to create a 30 minute Zumba routine that you can do at home. She can post the video on YouTube and on their studio’s Facebook page. She does not only create a video for a powerful Zumba routine, but she also promotes where their studio is located and what their services are.

What about shoe manufacturers and gyms? They can still follow in the footsteps of bigger companies like Nike, Reebok, and even Planet Fitness. A simple process of posting products on Facebook and other social media sites can help attract thousands of customers from a local standpoint. If you’re a retailer of Crossfit shoes and Zumba shoes, you can always create a Facebook page wherein you can sell your products. If you are a gym owner that specializes in CrossFit, Zumba, and even martial arts, you can post information about your business on Facebook. The best thing about Facebook or any social media site is that it almost costs next to nothing when you want to post content.

If you want to get started, I can give you a few tips. First, create a video on a workout from CrossFit or a Zumba dance routine. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Keep it short and sweet because people on the Internet have the attention span of a horsefly. Upload it on YouTube and copy the link. Paste the link on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest. This will not only get more viewers for your video, but also more traffic to your business. The process is simple and it doesn’t require any special skill to do all of that.

June 26, 2014


Chainsaw Review Website Takes Facebook Over

I was recently checking out Facebook and Twitter to see what the new “hot” pages were that were creating buzz in there niche. I noticed that a chainsaw review website called, that was dominating the home improvement niche on Facebook. Let’s look at some of the information they have included on their site.

If you’re wondering what the best of the best is, search some websites that will help you in your quest of chainsaws. Everything will surely change once you’ve encountered the GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 16-inch DigiPro Brushless Chainsaw. The cordless feature of this product makes it the first of its kind in the world. It will give you a cutting experience like no other.

It has a brushless electric motor that packs 30-percent more torque which means better cutting power. Its design reduces the intensity of the vibration by 70-percent which results to more comfortable working. It’s also lighter than your similar-sized gas chainsaws which can let you take it anywhere you wish to. To add to that, it comes with a travel bag for long distance cutting jobs.

The range of the G-MAX 40V’s capacity is far beyond expectation. You can do anything with it like cutting tree branches, slicing tree trunks, butchering meat and a lot more, although there are certain limitations you need to apply to take care of it. Every piece of equipment that has moving parts needs to be well-lubricated. The same goes for the G-MAX 40v. Do not use it often on metal, stone or soil for it will turn the blade blunt.

Here are the features:

GreenWorks G-MAX 40v 16-inch DigiPro Brushless Chainsaw
• Longer battery life with the G-MAX 40v battery system
• Gives you the strength to cut a cord of wood with only one charge
• Ensures your safety with chain brake, hand guard and quick-release trigger
• Noise-reducing feature with its brushless motor design
• Has more efficiency with 30% higher torque thanks to its brushless motor
• Lightweight and user-friendly
• Package comes complete with the motor, 16-inch steel Oregon bar and chain, travel bag and user’s guide

Receptions of People Regarding The GreenWorks G-MAx 40v 16-inch Brushless Chainsaw
“I really like this chain saw. It’s an absolute champ as long as you know what you want to do with it. Dropping small trees and limbing? Outstanding. Cuts quickly, easy to handle, easy to clean.

But the description of it’s abilities is way over the top. Greenworks says “With a single charge, the DigiPro 16-inch chainsaw can cut up to one cord of wood 6.5-inch diameter logs, 4-foot lengths, stacked 8 feet wide and 4 feet high.” Really? A single charge. Really? Best I could do was about half a cord of wood that diameter (and really, who cuts wood for a fireplace at 4-foot lengths?). Then you are waiting for two hours for the battery to recharge.

As someone else said, spend the extra $120 dollars and get a second battery. You CAN get through 24″ diameter logs, just expect to spend some time doing it and lots of breaks while the battery recharges (I made about eight cuts through a pretty big log and the battery was spent).

So realize what your expectations are: if you are doing logs under 8″ in diameter, you can zip right through them (but my experience has been 1/2 a cord at best before recharging).

Again, I really like it, but for bigger jobs, don’t put your gas-powered chain saw away just yet.”

Be sure to check back on my site often for updated info on the hottest niche’s in social media.

June 17, 2014


Top Home Fitness Apps For Work From Home Pubishers

People these days are becoming more conscious of how they look. They not only try to buy the most flattering clothes and accessories; they would try to get as much exercise as they can to keep fit.

However, exercising can be quite tedious and difficult to do on a regular basis when faced with a high career workload. In addition to this, workout regimens, which are constantly accomplished and not changed up a bit will no longer be as efficient and effective in the long run. For this reason, people constantly find new ways to be more creative with their exercises, including purchasing all different types of home exercise equipment and fitness accessories. And what better way to find new workout plans at than at an online application store for your mobile phones. People constantly have their phones on hand and would definitely be ideal to utilize as a good source for workouts.

Zombies, run!

Jogging and running are some of the most common types of workout these days. Jogging is arguably not as effective for overall health and fitness as riding on a low-impact home exercise bike and it can also become quite monotonous and boring. Why not upgrade a regular jogging or running day by making it more exciting with this new app called Zombies, Run! This mobile application adds a thrilling twist to daily runs and jogs by setting a scenario wherein you are being chased by, well, zombies. Various missions are provided and an audio cue lets you know when zombies are on your tail, which requires you to keep up the pace. What makes this app great is that it has a story to tell and provides recordings in between your music playlist.


This free mobile phone application is great for all those who desire to keep track of their pace when they walk, jog and run. In addition to working like a pedometer, this app can differentiate various movements such as cycling, running and walking. It can also inform the user with times he or she was sedentary or mobile.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter

This mobile phone application allows you to keep track of your daily calorie intake and contains a large database of food to make calorie counting easy and convenient.


This amazing fitness and workout tracker enables the user to personalize their workout routines. It also contains more than a thousand exercise instructions, which also come with tips and animations to ensure that you are doing it right.

With mobile phone applications, getting fit is definitely made more easy and convenient. Choose the right ones for your lifestyle and you are on your way to gaining an amazing body.

May 31, 2014


A Look at the Explosion in Pet Insurance Websites

Photo by State Farm and reproduced under Creative Commons

Photo by State Farm and reproduced under Creative Commons

As any pet lover would know, having pets do not come cheap. Akin to looking after a little one, looking after a pet can take up a lot of your time. Not only do you need to attend to their food intake, but you will also need to make sure that they get quality health care. Like children, pets also need their regular doctor check ups and immunizations. With all these needs, most pet owners end up spending a bomb on their little critter on a regular basis. Because of the exorbitant fees most pet owners end up paying, there has been a growing need for owners to start getting insurance policies for their pets. Not only do the insurance policies help them pay for costs in cases of emergencies, but insurance policies serve as a safety net in case anything happens to their pet.

With the rising number of owners purchasing insurance policies for their pets, it is essential to take a look at the benefits one can get when procuring a health insurance policy for your pet. Here are some of the benefits to getting pet insurance:

  • In case of any emergency, you can rest assured that there will be an allotted budget for your pet’s medical bills. You do not need to worry about paying the bills because there is already a lump sum ready for your pet.
  • There are insurance policies that cover immunizations and regular visits to the doctor. This is highly recommended for pet owners. That way you can be sure that your pet’s regular checkups and injections are taken care of.
  • Then usual insurance policy covers the cost of most treatments and even surgeries. The range of the cost would depend on the policy you choose to get. So just pick a policy that would best fit your budget.
  • There is a policy for every budget. You just need to choose from a wide range of choices. Some policies require lower premiums while others require higher premiums, based on the coverage.
  • Although insurance policies do not usually cover pets with pre-existing conditions such as heart problems, it is still good to have your pet covered by insurance in case of any accident or should your pet acquire a life threatening ailment.

Before getting a pet insurance policy, here are some things to take note of:

  • Different insurance policies have different clauses. Make sure to read the policy carefully to see the details of the coverage. As you will be paying a sizable amount, you need to make sure that you will be paying for something that is applicable for you and your pet.
  • Make sure that you clear your insurance policy with your vet. Although most vets are covered by insurance policies, it is best to check with them first. Just make sure that your vet is a licensed practitioner as this will be a prerequisite for the insurance company’s approval when you start claiming for expenses.
  • Do not take your time before deciding to get your pet an insurance policy. As there is an age bracket for insurance policies, you will pay lower premiums for younger pets. The older the pet gets, the higher the premium becomes. Moreover some insurance companies decline coverage for pets that are past a certain age. Should they even include the pet for an insurance policy, chances are that the pet will not the complete coverage of the policy. Then you will not be able to fully maximize the policy that you pay for.

For those who are considering pet insurance, here are some of the top companies that offer this in Australia:

  • 1300 Insurance. One of the leading companies in pet insurance, 1300 Insurance has good insurance plans that cover up to 75% of the charges spent on bills.
  • AFS-Pet Med. This is one of the more popular companies offering plans for pet insurance. With coverage of about 70% to 80% of your total bill, their plans are really worth every cent you pay for.
  • Bow Wow Meow. With various options for their insurance plans, Bow Wow Meow is quite popular as well. With many kinds of plans to choose from, Bow Wow Meow will help you find a plan that will best fit your budget.

May 30, 2014


Technology Everywhere

Technology seems to be all around us, and it doesn’t seem to stop. In fact I don’t even mind! In this article I want to share with you some online and off line technological developments that happened not so long ago, and some developments that are currently in the pipeline.

Google Ads on Your Thermostat

You probably have heard of Google Ads. They are the little ads that Google places on your search results when you’re looking for something. Or they are the ads that appear on the right hand side of your Gmail, when you’re reading an email.

These ads (called AdSense) are the money backbone of this Internet giant Google. With these ads, Google would not be as rich as it is now.

But more and more of our equipment and household “stuff” are getting online.

Think about your fridge being connected to the Internet. This can be very handy, because your fridge can keep track of what you take out, and this way can give you a ready made shopping list.

The next step here is that when you open your fridge, a little display can show you an ad (either on the inside or outside of the fridge) an ad (powered by Google no doubt) of a product that is similar to the product that is in your fridge at that moment.

Or what about if you if you turn up your thermostat, you see a small little ad displaying of a holiday destination (because your thermostat knows the current weather conditions where you are)?

Hi Tech Shampoo

Not every technological development happens online. Even very mundane and everyday things like shampoos develop further and further.

Years ago you would only have shampoo. Period. These days there are many types of shampoos that serve different purposes. Two examples are so called volumizing shampoos (obviously for people that are looking to get more volume in their hair) and so called sulfate free shampoos (these are less harsh on your scalp and hair follicles; only down side is that they produce less foam).

So even there technology does not stop.

Keep Track of Your Movements

When it comes to fitness and health, there are many technological developments that make sense and there are also many developments that don’t make sense. One that makes sense to me is the so-called Fitbit. This neat little device falls under the category of wearable devices.

It’s a tiny little wristband that keeps track of the steps you take per day. You can set your daily goals using the iPhone app, or using the Fitbit website.

In addition to counting your steps per day, it also keeps track on how well you sleep (this is really fun). You simply double tap the device and it goes into sleep tracking mode.

In addition to the step counter and sleep tracker, it also doubles as a vibrating alarm. Again, you set it using your iPhone app, and when it’s time for you to wake up, a soft vibrating around your wrist gently wakes you.

May 28, 2014


Examining the Recent Explosion in Online Health Career Training Availability

Photo by Tri Nguyen and reproduced under Creative Commons

A healthcare career can be one of the most fulfilling you could muster. You will not only get involved in helping people out. You are also in for a promising potential in career growth and success.

Just like with any kind of career, an entry to the healthcare arena has educational, training, and licensing requirements. You need to fulfill those requirements before you can rightfully earn a spot in the industry that is rapidly growing in recent years.

The good news is, there is not much effort needed to fulfill the conditions of a healthcare career. There are a handful of online resources that offer training and education in various fields in the medical arena. Some of the more in demand courses include:

  1. Nursing. Becoming a nurse is one of the most fulfilling careers you can obtain in the medical sector with lots of room to grow. That is probably why nursing degree programs are mostly packed, either by professionals who are meaning to jump into another career or by fresh graduates who aims to be of service to patients by providing excellent care. There are many opportunities for nursing graduates in various facilities all over the world.
  2. Health Care Administration. For those who want to work in the administrative level of the healthcare sector, a degree in health care administration is a must. Usually, you would start as an assistant administrator or as a healthcare administrator in a humble facility. Afterwards, as you gain more experience and obtain a higher degree, you will be able to rise in the ranks of healthcare administrators who are in charge of running a facility and overseeing that the processes are carefully followed.
  3. Phlebotomy. Among the many healthcare support personnel needed in clinical and hospital facilities, phlebotomists play one of the most significant roles. They are tasked to ensure that the protocols in extracting blood samples, handling and storing them are not overlooked. They have an important role in making sure that diagnosis of an illness is correct. Blood tests are also very useful in measuring the effectiveness of one’s treatment as well as in tracing out several conditions. With the advancement in medical technology comes a rise in the demand for energetic phlebotomists who are precise with their every move. To become a phlebotomist, you need to undergo proper education and training, and obtain an associate or certificate degree in clinical laboratory technology or any related course. Most programs in this field include understanding of human anatomy, human relations, and medical terminology. Find out more about phlebotomy training overview on

Education is the first step towards a career in the healthcare sector. If you are able to enlist in an excellent program, you will have a promising growth personally and professionally. Healthcare careers are truly fulfilling, what with their requirements of compassion, competence, precision, and endurance. To succeed in the field, you must also prepare for the demands of the working environment itself, which can be sometimes stressful and overly demanding. Some of it can be learned in school, the rest is by experience.

May 27, 2014


Social Media for Small Businesses – Catch your Customers Online


Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are not just for teenagers and early adolescents. They are becoming an outlet for small business owners like you to reach out to customers on a local and global scale. Let’s face it. The features of posting your photos, video, commenting, and sharing are just so powerful it can turn one post into something viral. Whether you’re in the business of water heater maintenance ( or in the restaurant business, you can always use social media to increase your clients list.

But let’s go over some stats real quick:

  • As of 2013, there are 1500 MILLION registered unique users on Facebook and Twitter. The numbers would have probably gone up by now, so let’s give them another 100 MILLION more.
  • There are 5 million people logged in on the Internet every 5 minutes because they are looking for information from search engines and social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Why should you pay attention to these sites?

I’m not saying that Facebook and Twitter are the only social media sites that are popular. You also have Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and even Google+. All of them have millions of registered users to their name, so they’re still a potential goldmine for up to thousands of customers. This is one of the major benefits of having a social media account for your small business.

Another reason why you need to pay attention to these social media sites is that they are an avenue for immediate customer interaction and service. Let’s say you are the business owner of ABC Water Heater Maintenance and you have a Facebook page for your business. The LIKE feature of the page is more than an indicator of someone liking your page. It also indicates that there was actually someone looking for information about water heater maintenance companies on Facebook and they happened upon your website. if your page has 100 likes, it means that you have 100 potential customers or leads.

Now if you have 100 customers following your business on Facebook, sooner or later, they will have inquiries for you. you can immediately tend to their inquiries and concerns because you will be notified via Facebook or email that your customers have sent you something.

As mentioned earlier, it’s also easy for small business owners like you to share information about their products and services. There’s no need to create a brochure to display your new water heater technology when it comes to these social media sites. You can simply upload an entire album of pictures about your new product and write the description. There will always be a Comment feature available so you can also interact with your customers within the album.

Lastly, the traffic you get from social media sites is free. It’s not going to cost you anything to sign up and post content. This is what sets social media apart from your traditional print media advertising. Even with billions of potential customers available and ripe for the picking, it won’t cost you a single cent to dive into this huge pool of customers.

May 25, 2014


Will Your Social Media Affect Your Application For An Installment Loan?

There is no doubt that times are getting harder and harder for millions of Americans. Since the global financial crisis the incomes of large numbers of people have dropped dramatically. The value of many homes has dropped and the retirement incomes and retirement portfolios of older people have also been severely impacted.

Unemployment is getting quite serious and there are many people who are underemployed as well as unemployed. Unemployment numbers are being swelled by a number of people who would have considered retiring but who cannot now afford to retire.

And there are other financial implications to all this of course. For instance many people are now suffering from poor credit scores as a result of the fact that they have been unable to make repayments on a loan. The demand for more fringe types of loans, such as payday loans and installment loans, is increasing. These are small value loans which are, or should, be repaid over a short period of time.

Loan companies are now using social media data

However there is now emerging evidence that lending companies are turning to social media when assessing a loan application. Officers of these companies are looking at Facebook and Twitter and other social media to see if they can identify the credit worthiness of an individual.

In fact there is evidence that some lending companies which have been backed with funding from Google are looking at loan applications and cross-referencing these with data that the applicant has posted on websites such as LinkedIn.

You may just have been sacked by your employer. You decide to put this on Facebook to notify your friends. A potential lender accesses your Facebook page and finds out that you’ve just lost your job and there goes your loan.

It’s a powerful reason to be very circumspect when posting details to any of your social media accounts where those details could possibly suggest any financial problems.

This will continue to get worse. There is even evidence now that small businesses that sell products on eBay may be negatively affected in a loan application where they have many negative reviews on eBay.

But could this affect your application for an installment loan?

We ask this question as a friend of ours is currently applying for a small value installment loan and asked us this exact question. This is someone with a poor credit history and so is applying for an installment loan for poor credit (for example) and he is aware that there is information on social media sites that he is unemployed.

Is it possible that his application will be affected by anything he’s posted on social media?

At this stage we think not. Whilst there is a growing body of evidence that loan applications are being negatively impacted by social media postings this seems, at this time, to be restricted to larger loans such as mortgages or business loans or other loan applications for more significant amounts.

We don’t see much evidence that companies offering small value loans are currently searching social media for information like this. We suspect it is not economic for these companies to employ staff to spend time trawling social media where a loan application is only for a relatively small amount.

Not only that but as our friend is applying for an installment loan to poor credit it’s quite clear to the loan company that he has limited resources. This reason the fees and interest rate that he will pay will be high to compensate them for the increased risk. And although he can attempt to repair his credit (see) that will take way too long.

But we suspect that it’s only a matter of time before even the small value loan companies begin using this technique. We suggest caution when putting up financial details on the Internet.

May 23, 2014


The Importance Of Color Choice When Designing A Website

As more and more people use the Internet every year more and more businesses are also turning to the Internet to market their products. Millions of new websites are coming online every year, many of them being business websites.

Some years ago it was sufficient for a business just to get their products online however they are now competing against so many other similar websites that they need a point of difference to make their website better than the website of the competition. A good business website needs to stand out.

One of the ways they can do this is by the careful use of color. The technical term for the use of color to convey a meaning is color psychology.

Judicious use of color is important because color has a meaning. You can convey different things through the use of different colors.

Red, for example, grabs your attention. It hits you in the eye and makes you look. Pink is all about understanding and loving. Brown is about confidence and dependability whilst black is all about authority and power.

Yellow is a cheerful, fun color.

Before a web designer builds a business website he or she must spend some time talking to the business owners to establish exactly what it is that they wish to convey on their website. Of course this relates to the colors, but this also relates to many other aspects of the website build.

But there should be attention given to the colors to be used on the website as much as anything else.

Whilst it’s rare that the content area of the website will have any other background than white it’s certainly possible to use colors in other areas of the website such as the header and the logo, the general background and the sidebars.

In particular the color chosen for the logo is very important. Particular colors work well for certain types of businesses whilst other colors work well for other types of businesses. For example businesses involved in marketing food, like restaurants, can use warm colors such as reds, yellows and oranges as these are welcoming, feel good colors.

Websites selling specific food products such as chocolate could use white and brown together to complement the images of the product. Outdoor products are well served by cooler colors such as blue and green.

It’s important, however, to also make sure that the color you choose does not overpower any images you may have on the website. A website we have recently viewed about gun safe reviews (this website) has made good use of yellow and green together to produce a powerful effect. And whilst the yellow and green is effective it’s not so overpowering as to detract from the images. And yet on this page there is also a small use of red to stand out and grab the attention of the reader.

So it’s important that any web designer, when designing a website, pays particular attention to the choice of colors used on the site. A simple random selection of colors is not good enough any more.